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Behavioral Marketing Science
1.0 CR
Yes (may vary by section)
This course delves into behavioral research in marketing and psychology to facilitate the design of more effective ways to implement marketing mix strategies. By drawing on relevant research insights into how consumers make decisions, we will learn how to:
  • frame message to maximize impact
  • design product displays to entice purchase
  • develop loyalty programs to increase and expedite repeat purchases
  • streamline product offerings to increase profit
  • take many other valuable actions
The class uses a mix of lectures, cases and examples to show how people's decisions are influenced by their
  • motivation (e.g., do you have a growth or safety goal?)
  • cognition (e.g., do you agree or disagree with the content?)
  • metacognition (e.g., what does it mean to have considered pros and cons?)
  • emotion (e.g., are you feeling sad or anxious?)
We build on the concepts you learned in the core marketing class (MKTG430) so that you become not only the marketing strategist, but also the best executor of the marketing strategies.
Marketing Major
All Students: (MKTG-430-0 OR MKTG-435-0 OR MKTGM-430-0)
Negative Prerequisite:
All Students: MKTG-959-5