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Service Management and Analytics
1.0 CR
Yes (may vary by section)
The service sector accounts for approximately 80% of GDP and employment in the US. Worldwide, services account for 65% of GDP and 49% of employment; in the United States the numbers are 77% and 79%, respectively (World Bank 2019). It is therefore imperative to develop efficient and effective operations of services. The management of service operations can require quite different constraints and objectives than manufacturing operations. The course examines both traditional and new approaches for achieving operational competitiveness in service businesses including (online) marketplaces. It covers service processes at both the strategic and operational decision-making levels, with an emphasis on the latter. At the strategic level, we will examine the interaction between firm strategy and service process- design, the drivers of effective service delivery. At the decision-making level we will explore traditional and new approaches for achieving operational competitiveness in service businesses. The first part of the course will include the following topics: the service concept and operations strategy, the design of effective service delivery systems, capacity management, queuing and quality. The second part of the course will include topics in revenue management as well as concepts from the design of marketplaces such as matching, and auctions. Through lectures, case studies and in-class discussion we will study specific examples from healthcare, retail, and hospitality and cove cover conceptual and analytical frameworks for service management and design. We will apply these to various cases, underscoring also the importance (and increased availability) of data in supporting strategic and tactical decisions. The course is intended for students interested in general management, analytical consulting, financial services, or operations.
Operations Major
All Students: (DECS-430-5 OR DECS-435-0 OR DECS-440-0) AND (OPNS-430-0 OR OPNS-435-0 OR OPNS-438-5 OR OPNS-440-0 OR OPNSM-430-0)