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FinTech Strategy
0.5 CR
Yes (may vary by section)
Financial Technology (FinTech) firms are changing the type, frequency, and the way we use financial services. FinTech innovations have a great capacity to transform the financial system because many of these innovations are at a deeper level than traditional financial innovation. Blockchain, for example, can speed up clearing while keeping it secure, as opposed to an introduction of a new type of security which only changes small features of an existing product. FinTech companies attract a lot of VC money. Many of these initiatives, however, will likely turn out to be not sustainable. This course builds upon your existing courses and frameworks to provide the tools necessary for crafting successful strategies for fintechs to compete with traditional financial institutions (TFIs) as well as for TFIs to compete with fintechs. The course is aimed at students who anticipate working at financial services firms (whether fintechs or traditionals), students who anticipate investing in firms in financial technology markets and must analyze firm strategy, and those interested in entrepreneurship in general. Discussion questions, group project, and final exam.
Strategy Major
Technology Management Pathway
All Students: (STRT-431-0 OR STRTM-431-0)
Negative Prerequisite:
All Students: STRT-461-0 AND STRT-950-5