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Health Analytics
Previously Known as HEMA-940-5
0.5 CR
Yes (may vary by section)
Although claims data is an extremely important and useful source of information, working with claims data can be challenging. An understanding of the potential of the data as well as its limitations is key to producing valid results. This course will introduce students to the elements of administrative claims data and analyses of demographics and severity, outcomes and quality, and prices. In-class exercises will allow students the opportunity to learn firsthand about the analyses, methodologies, and techniques. The first four classes will consist of approximately 1 to 2 hours of lecture followed by an in-class project for the remainder of the period. Supplemental readings related to the material covered in classes two through five will also be assigned. A final exam, covering material from weeks 1-4, will be administered in the final class.
All Students: (STRT-444-0 OR STRT-443-0 OR STRT-945-0)