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Global Lab
Previously Known as INTL-915-5
0.5 CR

Students who enroll in this session of INTL 915 will be expected to attend a pre-term class in winter quarter, travel over spring break, and perform the majority of their project work during spring quarter.

This experiential learning course provides a hands-on opportunity for students to apply classroom knowledge to a real-world problem. In the Global Lab course, four or five students complete an international consulting project for a host company during the winter quarter that culminates in two weeks of on-site research and presentation to senior management. The host company and student team work together to determine the project's scope and parameters, and the team completes each week's research by meeting with an expert faculty adviser. The host company provides feedback that is used in grading students and covers travel expenses for the on-site visit.

Students must have completed all core courses with the exception of OPNS-430 which can be taken concurrently in the Winter quarter. For practical purposes, this limits enrollment to students in their second year of the full-time program and those in the one-year program. Part-time program students who have fulfilled their core requirements are also eligible to take the course.

For more information, click here to visit the Global Lab website.

Note: This course may not be dropped after the first week of the quarter.

All Students: (ACCT-430-0 OR ACCT-434-0 OR ACCT-435-0 OR ACCT-451-0) AND (DECS-431-0 OR DECS-435-0 OR DECS-440-0) AND (FINC-430-0 OR FINC-435-0 OR FINC-440-0) AND MECN-430-0 AND MORS-430-0 AND STRT-431-0