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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work
1.0 CR
Yes (may vary by section)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has or is predicted to disrupt almost every industry and sector. Yet, many managers and business leaders lack knowledge on how they can realistically prepare for and integrate AI into their organizations and strategic outlook. In this course, we begin by understanding what exactly AI is, how it differs from other technologies, and what challenges and opportunities AI has for organizations. Through a mix of research articles, innovative hands-on exercises with end-user AI platforms, case studies, and leading industry speakers, this course brings into sharp focus the role AI technologies have today in organizations and how they can be practically harnessed. Topics covered include how AI impacts organizational design, teams, hiring, decision making, creativity and other topics related to the future of work. The course does not assume any particular technical background related to coding or statistics. We will focus on the organizational and managerial implications of AI and how it can be applied in the workplace, rather than on technical dimensions. At the end of the class, you will have a more complete understanding of the limitations and opportunities AI has, broadly, and specifically on organizations and work. Because the aim of the course is to build understanding related to the relationship between AI, organizations, and work, you will spend much of your time preparing for and engaging in class discussion. Our discussions will be based on the assigned reading and discussion questions noted in the syllabus. So, class participation is essential in order for you to get the maximum benefits from the course.
Managing Organizations Major
Technology Management Pathway
All Students: MORS-430-0