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Leader Development Models and Practices
Previously Known as KACI-930-5
0.5 CR
Yes (may vary by section)
This is a foundational course in the leadership field that deals with a core competency and responsibility for managers: developing leaders. In short, it concentrates on how we (as leaders in organizations) can develop team members to realize their potential. Growing others' talents helps managers to accomplish the mission and improve their organizations. The course builds upon MORS 430-0 (which examined leadership in organizations from a variety of perspectives). KACI 930-5 employs a variety of pedagogy techniques (e.g., lectures, discussion groups, guest speakers) and requires students to submit a final paper detailing how course material relates to a leader development activity that is germane to their life. The course integrates theories and frameworks associated with constructs related to organizations, leadership, and adult development in order to provide you a more complete understanding of how leaders are nurtured. By the end of the course, you will be able to more cogently analyze and address team members' developmental needs and situations.
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Pathway
Negative Prerequisite:
All Students: KACI-930-5