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Special Topics in Management & Organizations: Emerging Topics in Computational Social Science
1.0 CR
Social scientists increasingly have access to data sets of unparalleled scope and complexity. At the same time, there has been remarkable development in fields like network science, data science, and machine learning over the past decade, which offers us a wide range of tools that help us make sense of this data with growing accuracy and robustness. Together, the new data and computational methods offer researchers opportunities to explore and understand human behavior at an unprecedented level of scale and detail, fueling the emergence of an exciting, interdisciplinary field called computational social science. This course surveys the emerging frontiers in the field, open to students from both computational and social science backgrounds. For those new to the social sciences, this is an opportunity to see where your computer science and statistical skills can go, with innovative applications to problems of massive societal interest. For those new to computational methods, this is a chance to develop the tools necessary to make new and exciting contributions, tools that will shape the originality and power of your work for years to come.