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Digital Health
0.5 CR
Yes (may vary by section)

The aim of this course is to build upon your existing Healthcare courses and Payor, Provider, Vendor/Supplier value chain frameworks to provide the necessary Digital Health tools for crafting successful strategies for firms operating in the health sector. As a participant, you will be introduced to the definition of the Digital Health through the history of Healthcare IT and the ever-growing momentum around Digitization. We will share strategic frameworks that can be applied in a variety of settings alongside discussions of key challenges that are being faced by actors across the Healthcare value chain as they seek to create and capture value.

This course will combine both lecture and case discussion formats, including several guest speakers that will share practical views of Digital Health. Due to the evolutionary nature of the course subject, the teaching approach will be to build on critical and analytical thinking abilities framed around knowledge of the Healthcare value chain. A sound understanding of the healthcare value chain will provide a solid foundation to further engage students in the digital health framework. Students will spend time preparing for in class discussion through self-paced reading materials. As is the evolutionary nature of Digital Health, we will guide class discussion based on perspectives from Digital Health specialists across "Digital Health 360" with the intent for students to identify and develop a position on the unique business value and a meaningful value proposition. Similar to the practicality of business, there may not be a clear right or wrong answer. Through interdisciplinary discussion with specialists in the digital health sector, students will utilize their growing knowledge of digital health and the focus on value delivery to frame their position on a business within the emerging technology areas in the digital health sector.

Student deliverables will include two individual assignments that will be submitted in essay format, and a group project that will elevate your curiosity to deliver a business case for a Digital Health innovation. The course will feed off your energy and enthusiasm. Bring your curiosity and creativity. Lets get Digital!